Di Henshall Interior Design Jeanne G

“I am very happy with the apartment renovation. Your creative skills have produced a lovely result that I and my guests will fully enjoy. In addition, the organisational skills applied to the project were exceptional. And it was all done in a delightful manner. It was a pleasure to do business with your company. I call it the “no hassle reno.” – Ann D.

“I was impressed with the communications to me and obviously they were effective within your organization. You were also well organized and obviously use process, which is good to see. Appears to be a job well done. I will have no problem in recommending Di Henshall Interior design if asked.” – Robyn G.

“…we are delighted with the house and have really felt very comfortable with and enjoyed our dealings with Di Henshall.” – John C.

Di Henshall Interior Design Ken T

“We feel we can always rely on an energetic and elegant response from you and your team.” – Clare H.

“Hopefully I will have many more years to enjoy your creativeness and expertise.” – Kathy T.

“I have said thanks before, but I do want to record my appreciation for the work you’ve done. The home is one which will be a relaxing, tasteful retreat, and achieves the objectives we discussed when we first met. Again, thank you, and to the rest of the team.” –Rod H.

Di Henshall Interior Design Vicki G

“Many thanks to all of you for all the work you have done. We are so thrilled with the results.” – Victoria O.

“Well I am finally here, and I think the renovations are terrific! I love the colour you chose for the walls and the kitchen is fabulous. The new outdoor area is great and the ensuite is lovely- and the new doors are a huge improvement. The tiles are great, so are the blinds and the woodwork in the corridor is beautiful.” – Claire W.

“Thanks Di, you are a star.” – Julie O.

Di Henshall Interior Design Anelies R

“All I can say is WOW! What a difference… it’s fantastic.” – Christine C.

“It looks great. Fantastic to finish early and have a booking as well. The bathroom looks fantastic…” – Noelene G.

“You have done an amazing job of turning this round so quickly and incorporating all the changes – I think the kitchen is a triumph!” – Vivienne K.

 Di Henshall Interior Design John M

“The renovation looks fabulous – I just loved the bathrooms… – what an amazing improvement.” – Kathy S.

“…you have all done quite an amazing job, thank you. We are thrilled with our apartment and also love the way you work with your up to date emails, making it all ‘so easy’ for us, and such a pleasure.” – Julie K.

“…the house – it is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love it! So good to see some strong colours around as well…” – Lynn H.

 Di Henshall Interior Design Leanne H

“Congratulations to you all involved up there, the job is a credit to you all.” – Sue C.

“We still love our apartment as much as we did on day one…” – Andrea D.

“Thank you so much for fabulous photos… , it looks amazing. Thank you for all your hard work and great communication throughout…” – Alan J.

 Di Henshall Interior Design Richard O

“The house looks great. Thanks to all the team.” – Caroline O.

“I just recently slept on the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in, I am 55 years old, so I have tried out a few of them.” – Guest at Taylors Lakes Hotel, Melbourne.

 Di Henshall Interior Design Judy K

“We are so appreciative of your tireless work & energy in designing our surgery. Thank you very much for your professionalism, creativity & friendly approach. It seemed a ‘huge ask’ to complete this job in the few weeks you had & yet we both felt completely at ease in the knowledge that it would be done. We can’t thank you enough for the peace of mind you afforded us every step of the way. We love it!!!” – Sally & James O.

“I love everything – I am amazed that the blue quilt looked so good  – has to be the side tables etc.  The whole place looks so classy which is just what we wanted.  Thanks so much to everyone.” – Denise H.

Di Henshall Interior Design Brian C

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