Bathroom Designs

What could be complicated about designing a bathroom? There isn’t much in there, just a few fittings. Designing a bathroom is sometimes more difficult than designing any other room in the house, mainly because it has to be many things to more than one person. It has to comfortably accommodate toiletries, wash basins, shower and/or bath, mirrors, discarded clothing, bathrobes and towel storage. A lot to fit into a small area – plus it has to be not only functional but beautiful, safe and easy to clean.

Luckily we have successfully designed literally hundreds of beautiful bathrooms on the Sunshine Coast and across Australia – here is just a tiny selection of our bathroom designs to get your mind wandering.

You can contact us at our head office in Noosaville on the Sunshine Coast to speak to Di Henshall or one of the design team.  Alternatively, if you have a specific bathroom design project in mind or would like us to get in touch to discuss your next project, please contact us.

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